Friday, October 17, 2008

North Dakota **Still** In Play!'s aggregate poll now actually has Obama UP in North Dakota!

North Dakota has as many electoral votes as Washington DC: 3. It's not going to be a game-changer, in all likelihood. But it would be huge politically. As Kos points out,

"This is a state Bush won by 28 points in 2004. Obama would expand the Democratic map, earning a national mandate by winning in every region of the country. And it would show Republicans that they aren't safe anywhere, not even in their supposed "strongholds"."

With only 18 days to go, instead of tightening (as the media narrative would have you believe), this race seems to be opening up for Obama in unexpected places. Suddenly, he is pouring resources into West Virginia and making a serious play for it's electoral votes. McCain and the RNC are pulling resources out of nearly every state Kerry won in 2004 and are hunkering down playing defense in must-win states like Virginia, Ohio and Florida. If Obama takes any of those three states, we're going to have an early night on Election Day.

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