Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Endorsement Update #2

Obama continues his overwhelming sweep of newspaper endorsements into this week on two significant fronts. Firstly, on sheer numbers, Obama is beating McCain, 115 to 40. By contrast, in 2004, Kerry barely edged Bush in newspaper endorsement by around a dozen papers or less. More significantly, Obama has already received 26 endorsements from papers that endorsed Bush in 2004, including several papers that have never before endorsed a Democrat, or have done so only one or two times in the last century.

Also significant is the fact the Monday's Zogby poll put Obama at the 50% mark for the first time in national polling numbers, with Obama edging McCain 50-44%. While Obama has been over 50% for some time in Gallup and other polls, this is the first time he has taken this significant "winning" edge in a poll that has traditionally leaned towards the Republicans, and which many conservatives still point to as proof that the race is still closer than it seems. It is also important to note, in this same poll, that while McCain was gaining ground last week, he has once again capped off at or below 45%. He simply has not been able to maintain a sustained place in the polls above 45%. Without a significant change in the underlying dynamics of the race, McCain's White House hopes are looking all the more distant.

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Anonymous said...

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