Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make your blog carbon neutral

Here's a neat idea from a German company. Simply post about the "my blog is carbon neutral" initiative, and this organization will plant a tree in your honor to offset your carbon footprint. This is an easy way to do some good and spread awareness about climate change.

Go here to learn how to do this.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scott Galvin for Congress!

Last week, I learned the exciting news that an old friend, North Miami City Coucilman Scott Galvin, is running for Congress to fill Kendrick Meek's vacant seat in FL-17. For years, Scott has been the most effective and hardworking person on the city council by a long shot. He is widely known for bringing people together, crossing racial and economic lines in order to build coalitions to fight for what's best for our entire city. He has always been a voice of reason and coolheaded consensus-making in an often fractious community. So, while I am sad to learn that our city will be losing his services, I am excited to be able to wholeheartedly endorse his run for the United States Congress. Scott's lifelong commitment to public service exemplifies the very best of American democracy. I am hopeful that you will support his candidacy by going to and making a donation. Also, if you're a FL-17 resident, make sure to get out and vote on August 24th.

Below, I'm pasting his announcement of his candidacy. Let it inspire you to help send Scott Galvin to Washington, DC!

Galvin for U.S. Congress
Primary Election on August 24th

Dear Adam,

I have very exciting news to share with you!

I am running for Congress.

It's not a decision have made lightly. After careful deliberation with family and friends, and with their full support, I know I can continue the tradition of public service and leadership we deserve in Washington.

Running as a Democrat in Florida's 17th District, the primary election will be Tuesday, August 24th and I am asking for your help today and throughout what is sure to be an exciting campaign.

These are challenging times. Partisan bickering has blocked real progress in Washington. The result is a government that is over-committed overseas and under-serves us here at home.

But I have great optimism for America because I know the hope we shared last election is still alive. I want to take that hope and your energy with me to the Halls of Congress to continue our fight for progress.

I can not be more excited about this new challenge and the humbling opportunity to represent you in Washington. I'm asking you to join me every step of the way.

Please go right now and visit my campaign website ( where you can share your thoughts, sign up to help and, most importantly make a financial contribution.

You know elections are expensive and I'm counting on your help today to get our campaign off to a strong start. Whatever you can give -- $250, $100, $50 even $10 - is deeply and personally appreciated.

Your friend,

Donate Now!
Councilman Galvin needs your help to win.

Click here to donate or visit the campaign website!

Or send a check to:
"Galvin for Congress"
1755 NE 137 Terrace
North Miami, FL 33181

Every donation helps...from $25 to $2,400....

Thank you for your support!

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