Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tell Ringling Brothers: Animal Cruelty Must Stop!

Today, I watched a horrific video of elephant trainers from Ringling Brothers beating their elephants. After you watch it, I hope you will be as moved as I was to write a short letter to the company holding them accountable for these inexcusable actions.

I wrote this letter:

Dear Ringling Brothers,

I was disgusted and horrified to see this video of your trainers beating elephants with bullhooks. This is despicable and cruel behavior. My mom used to take me to the circus every year as a child and I loved it, but knowing that you are treating your animals like this makes me think I should never patronize your shows again! You should be ashamed. I think the entire world deserves an explanation for this behavior, and there should be a major change in your policies regarding how you treat animals.

Here's the video.

I would like a WRITTEN RESPONSE.

Thank you,

Adam Schwartzbaum

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firerobin said...

We just went to the circus last night ... & I told my wife I bet they really treat the animals bad to get them to do the things they're doing.

Then, I stubbled upon your blog today ... and I'm speechless.

I will never return to the circus.

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