Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Nation of Laws? Responses to the Alleged Crimes of the Bush Administration

One of the more exciting things I have had the opportunity to do this semester is plan my first event for the American Constitution Society (I am on the board as a 1L Representative.) I posted a video yesterday about the event we recently held on bloggers and the new Administration. This next event promises to be even more explosive. Featuring three pre-eminent leaders and scholars in the fields of criminal and constitutional law, as well as human and civil rights, and moderated by my Constitutional Law professor (and all around genius) Seth Kreimer, it is going to be a revealing discussion about the legal response to the abuses of executive power done by the Bush Admin.

I am posting the event flyer here on the blog. If you're in Philly next Thursday, take a lunch break and come on over for this great panel. You won't be disappointed.

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