Monday, March 09, 2009

Carbon cuts only give '50/50 chance of saving planet'

This article from the Independent is more confirmation of what I have been saying for years - that climate change is not only real, but quickly become inescapably and irreversibly devastating for the future of our planet. Even if we do act quickly, as we must, there is still only a 50/50 we will not see temperatures higher by more than 2 degrees by 2100, enough to cause catastrophic destruction to our planets ecosystems and our human way of life. The time for action on climate change is not now, it is yesterday. We must boldly act or face dire consequences.

Carbon cuts 'only give 50/50 chance of saving planet'


Natali said...

I think that sustainability is the key to a lot of the environmental and economical problems out there.

We should try to go back to basics as much as possible. It's hard because we really have learnt to depend on the luxuries we are given, but its at a hefty cost. In the end we are going to be forced to give them up in the event of an environment catastrophe.

It's a scary thought, but it's the reality, and we need to take action asap.

BTW: Is was great meeting you and Ariel in Jamaica! Had a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

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