Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shameless, Disgusting Lies

It's no small wonder that John McCain couldn't come up with a definition for "honor" when prompted to do so a few weeks ago; indeed, as his campaign has shown, he is willing to say and do anything, including running ads full of outright lies, to advance his political agenda. His new Vice-Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, is no different. Just today, the McCain campaign is running two ads based on total lies.

The first is an ad attacking Obama for supporting legislation to "teach sex-ed to five year olds." Tough stuff that makes Obama look like some sort of perverse sex crazed liberal - and it would be politically damaging IF it were true. The trouble is that it is totally, completely untrue. The legislation on question which Obama voted for was to teach children how to be able to identify sexual predators and sexually predatory behavior, so that children can be protected from sexual deviants and sexual abuse. It is really sad and sickening to know that John McCain is running this kind of campaign and should give everyone pause when they think about how he will govern if he is God forbid elected President.

The next lying ad claims that Sarah Palin is a reformer because she "said no to the bridge to nowhere." Palin has now said this at least six or seven times in campaign speeches in the last couple of days. The trouble is, Palin was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, and actually lobbied successfully for the largest per-capita amount of earmarks for her city of Wasilla of ANY MAYOR IN THE COUNTRY. Of course, as our good friend Jon Stewart showed us in my last post, the best way for us to expose the hypocrisy of conservatives like Palin is simply to run video of their contradictory statements side by side, and let voters be the judge. I submit the following video for your consideration. It's almost hard to believe that such brazen lying could still fly as thoughtful political discourse in our country, but I guess after 8 years of George W. Bush, we shouldn't be surprised by how low Republicans can - and do - go.

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