Saturday, May 23, 2009

Calling all Miami People: Help My Mom Win the Election!

My mom is running for North Miami City Council. She came in second place in the primary, and is now going head-to-head with the incumbent in the runoff on June 2nd. The election saw only a 16% turnout, so every vote is crucial to winning this election. We need your help to get across the finish line!

We need volunteers. Here's the schedule:

This and next Sunday, meet at our house for brunch may 24 and May 31 at 10:30 am to walk the neighborhoods.

We need people at polling places for early voting starting Thursday may 28, 29, 30, 31.

Finally, we need volunteers for election day June 2!

The after-election party will be at our house after polls close 7:30 - 10:00.

Our address is 1940 NE 124th St. North Miami FL, 33181. Please call my sister, Alison, at 305-725-1719 if you are interested in volunteering, or email her at

Any help you can give is most appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hello Adam:

Good luck to your mom. Good to see you're an environmental and socially conscious Dem.

A question: some in North Miami and surrounding neighborhoods are worried about the future of North Miami.

We've looked at the data, and it seems that there really is no need for a Reverse Osmosis plant for several decades. Yet, it appears that maybe the development interests and the outgoing Mayor support it because it will help development interests at the expense of current residents: 1) by setting the stage for greatly increased densities -- way beyond the current comprehensive long-term plan and recently approved zoning change 2) placing the unnecessary capitalization on the backs of NM citizens (when, in contrast, Hialeah got Miami-Dade to fund half of their RO plant; and 3) putting profit above the current decent environment and quality of life of residents.

Can you let us know where your mother stands on the RO plant?

I think a lot more people would help her get elected in these final days, if she comes out as 1) against it; and/or 2)seriously says she is going to look into and question its need; or 3) if she is willing to extend borders of protection of 500 feet or 2 blocks -- where no "density bonuses" will be allowed near the existing cohesive single-family and politically active home-owners.

This might help give her the edge in the election, and get out a vocal group to support her in the runoff.

Look forward to hearing from you on your blog.

All the best,


adamabaum said...

My mom sent me this reply to your comment:

The reason I decided to run for the seat was precisely because our city government does not listen to its citizens. Whatever the merits and drawbacks of a new Reverse Osmosis water plant are, the city council has not allowed for a proper public hearing. The real issue is that these decisions are made without citizen input.

North Miami City Council’s approach to decision making has to be deconstructed and made transparent to the common citizenry. Even if the city is not holding a fire sale on public services and property to private interests, it is North Miami’s responsibility to avoid the appearance of doing so.

My pledge to you and to all citizens of North Miami is that all city projects will have a proper publicized and fair hearing where all sides will have an opportunity to present their cases. There will be no more deals behind closed doors.

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