Friday, June 05, 2009

RECOUNT UPDATE: 70 Questionable Ballots Could Tip Election In Our Favor!

More news today about my mom's recount, which will take place on Tuesday. Here's how the Recount will work: 5 people will be in a glass enclosed room. The three canvassing board officials and a representative from each campaign will also be present. Everybody else watches from outside and can not make any comments, only watch.

North Miami uses optical scan ballots similar to those used in the Franken/Coleman race in Minnesota. Voters bubble in a circle next to the name of the candidate of their choice. On Election Day, the ballots were fed into a machine which scans them and tallies the votes.

On Tuesday, the officials will feed the ballots through the machine again. All ballots will be recounted. There is no difference between early, absentee , or day of votes. Unfortunately, we will not see the affidavits attached to the "assisted" ballots.

Here is where the plot thickens...

The machine originally spit out 70 ballots as under voted or overvoted. There was one of these that the person voted for both my mom and Blynn.

70 ballots had no vote according to the machine. They were not counted. These ballots will be examined to see if there is clearly a vote.

For example, if a ballot has a bubble for Frank Wolland (one of the two mayoral candidates), and a check for Blynn (our opponent), it would be rejected, because the person knows how to bubble. However, if the voter put a check for mayor and councilperson, or circled, or x'd, the canvassing board would vote if this was a vote for council. Two out of three of the canvassing board officials must vote yes for anyone to get the vote.

So there are potentially 69 more votes. We could still win!

The Miami Herald had an article about the recount in today's paper. Check it out.

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