Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scientists plan to ignite tiny man-made star

I'm still pessimistic about our ability to actually solve the climate crisis - but stories like this give me hope that human ingenuity can help us mitigate, if not outright prevent, the worst effects of climate change, while simultaneously helping us create a new energy future. This article is about science's star experiment: an attempt to create an artificial sun on earth and provide an answer to the world's impending energy shortage. Fusion would be amazing... think of the possibilities.As I read the part of the article about using so many lenses in a space the size of three football fields, it reminded me of the first computers, that used to be gigantic and take up entire buildings. In my parent's lifetime, that technology has evolved to a point where my phone is a far more powerful computer than those gigantic devices. If we are able to create fusion reactions, just think of the possibilities if we are able to get it small. I'm thinking about interstellar travel here.What an amazing world we live in.

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