Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Proposition 8: The Musical

This is absolutely amazing.

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An all star cast has produced this remarkable video about proposition 8 (Jack Black is particularly amazing as Jesus). Its funny, its poignant, and it makes an excellent point: this country was built on the separation of church and state, so who are we to deny gay people equal rights under the law? Whatever your religious views, gay people have the same civil rights to form a legal union for the purpose of sharing a life together and raising a family as straight people do. The struggle for equal rights for homosexuals is the next great civil rights battle of our time, but I do believe that by the time my generation is in charge, it really won't be an issue. Studies have shown that we are the more tolerant to gays and sensitive to their rights than any group of Americans in history.

Overturning proposition 8 will be a fine start. Learn more at join the impact.

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