Monday, August 03, 2009

Pass Climate Change Legislation NOW!

Usually, I try to stay fairly professional with my blog posts, but today I am feeling so angry about something that I feel the need to just let loose. The topic is one that is near and dear to my heart - climate change, and our alternative energy future. Here's what's happening this summer: while the concentration of Carbon Dioxide increases, extreme weather events rage across the country. Congress, finally seeing the need to pass aggressive climate change legislation, began with an inspiring bill that was deformed by compromises and special interest pandering - but at least it passed cap and trade. To its credit, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, could make America more energy-efficient, boost investments in clean energy solutions and dramatically cut global warming pollution -- by an amount in 2020 equivalent to taking 500 million cars and SUVs off the road. It may not go as far as needed, but at least its a start. Now, as the bill makes it ways through the Senate, the radical right is apoplectic. To hear them, you would think that liberals are out to destroy the American economy with new taxes designed to enrich government coffers, when in actuality, the goal of cap and trade legislation is to cut global warming in a way that spurs industry and innovation to devise new ways of providing energy to America. In the long term, aside from education, creating a path to a sustainable energy future is the most important way of securing America's economy and national security. Fossil fuels are dirty, extracted in destructive ways, and are largely owned by America's enemies. Scientists and industry leaders are both coming to the realization that we are nearing, or have even passed the point of peak oil, at which point we will see diminishing returns from existing wells and skyrocketing prices for all types of fuel. The way to beat the odds is to make the necessary adjustments now, for the benefit not only of our economy, but for the health and safety of ourselves, our country and our children. Reducing the discussion about cap-and-trade to a stale old argument about government taxation is just another example of short sighted, lazy thinking on the part of conservative dinosaurs who fail to open their eyes to the realities of our changing world.

Please, take a moment to call or write your Senator today and ask them to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act. This August recess is a crucial time to make your voice heard on this important issue.

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Luke Alexander said...

Well, this is something the government must make a move on.

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