Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taibbi's MUST READ article on the Financial Crisis

After reading this article, I just feel so angry. My parents are the kind of people that are getting screwed in this whole mess. My family owns a small business selling men's clothing in Miami. For over 25 years, my parents have created value for society with hard work, employing people, selling actual goods, and using values of integrity and thrift to build a middle class home that sent three children to college. No one ever gave them a bailout. The fact of the matter is that for my family, the bonuses a lot of these AIGFS assholes got when their company was already tanking because of their own (criminal?) negligence is more money than my parents see in ten years. These people are laughing all the way to the bank, while us in the middle class are seeing our retirement accounts cut in half and our businesses on the verge of collapse. I think I finally understand why there is so much anger. These people gambled our future and lost, and yet they're still making off like bandits. It is sickening.

I hope you will read this article, which I think does an incredible job of exposing the corruption, stupidity, and moral bankruptcy of many who brought this crisis upon us. It should be a thunderbolt awakening all of us to the need of sensible financial regulations.

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