Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Georgia Looking Blue in Early Voting

An exciting development in Georgia, that may be a glimpse into trends to come...
The Peach State began early voting several weeks ago, which will continue for the next three weeks until the election. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

"Early vote totals have now reached 499,582 -- about 75,000 more than were cast early in all of 2004. (The state is also newly encouraging early voting this year, so that's a major factor.)

And the ratio of African-American voters remains extremely high: 37% of the early votes were cast by black voters, who make up just 29% of the state's electorate."

Those black votes, and perhaps a large amount of the rest of the votes as well, are votes in the bank for Barack Obama. The heightened turnout of African-Americans is a good sign for the Obama campaign, especially since it is often in poorer, predominantly minority voting precincts that there are long lines on Election Day that dissuade people from actually casting a vote (think Ohio in 2004).

Kos says that "if African Americans end up above 30 percent of overall turnout, we'll have a Blue Georgia at the presidential level and Senator-elect Jim Martin."

Wouldn't that be something amazing?

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