Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain Redux: "The Fundamentals of Our Economy Are Strong."

Today John McCain went on a lot of news shows to try and show that he is ready to take on the great economic challenges of the moment...
...by appointing a "9/11 Commission" style group to "analyze" the problems and come up with solutions to be implemented later.

Barack Obama has a plan for our economy that he's been pressing for years now that cuts taxes for the middle class, enacts a meaningful regulatory scheme for our out of control investment banking sector, and protect homeownership while cracking down on mortgage fraud. His detailed plans for the economy (which I strongly urge you to read for yourself if you want more information) stand in stark contrast to John McCain, who continues to toe the Bush line on the economy while admitting as recently as a few months ago that he doesn't know much about the economy.

We need a president who is in touch with the problems our country is facing, not more of McSame.

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