Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Two New Videos Featuring Yours Truly

For those of you who are keeping track, my job has recently given my a few opportunities to appear in digital media, on the comcast network and more recently on YouTube. Below, please enjoy these two videos in which I make an appearance. The first is a video put together by Comcast about City Year's Opening Day in Washington DC. It has been put up on Comcast's website and I believe is available on Comcast On Demand. This is a great, short clip that will give you a lot of context into what I am doing this year in DC:

Opening Day 2007

This second clip is a really cool video put together by some arab-american filmmakers at powershift 2007, the largest gathering to specifically focus on stopping global warming in American history. It was an inspiring, powerful event, and I was really honored to participate in this video, an opportunity afforded to me by the always-wonderful Jeff Arak, who worked round on the clock as one of the over 100 film-makers in attendance. This one is really enjoyable, and Josh "brownies" Kahn Russel of Brandeis fame also makes an appearance!

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