Tuesday, August 22, 2006

another prove of my ridiculous intensity

Not an hour after finishing "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer, I authored these lines. Enjoy the exchange.

> the subject line: are you jonathan safran foer?
> hello, whoever this is. i have written a letter for jonathan safran foer.
> it
> is short and it is personal. I am hoping this will reach jonathan. it is
> intended as a personal letter for him. i hope it will be treated as such
> and
> accorded the appropriate confidentiality.
> -Adam
> Dear Jonathan,
> I am 21 and a Jew and a man and I am sitting in this empty dorm room with
> your novel in my hands and I am weeping, sobbing, heaving sobbing weeping
> and only tears, and darkness, and the thought of a moment that will last
> forever and always die. I am weeping for nothing and I am breathing deep
> and
> hard to stop but I can't and my sobs turn to heaves, whining groans like a
> child makes, like a child throwing a tantrum, weeping unstoppably heaving
> for this happy moment of madness that will always never end. Soon the
> chapter is done and I am racing to the end and I am getting in bed and
> closing my eyes but sleep is an impossibility as I shake and heave again
> in
> the darkness cursing FUCK YOU JONATHAN FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU snorting
> & wheezing like a child cursing this filthy luck of living in this moment
> of
> existence that is as damned as the rest in a nation learning nothing
> heeding
> nothing always lying killing dying in Washington D.C. where I am briefly
> assisting resident teenagers with bestowed authority, and at this moment
> cold in a burning city alone in the dark weeping heaving like a child and
> cursing hating loving you for writing something filthy and glorious enough
> for my envy and contempt.
> Mazel Tov.

This is the note I got back from the email adress:

Thank you for your kind note. Jonathan is traveling at the moment but I
will pass your email along to him when he returns.

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